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Ssangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed Cover

Source: Truck Tonneau Cover Sales Department Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 1025

Car Model:SsangYong Rexton Sports

Working Temperature:-40~80

Waterproof Grade: IP67

Unit Price: 260-350.USD

Quality Assurance: 2 Years

Package Size: 178*50*30cm

Product Weight: 22KG

Lead Time: 1-10sets/2days 10-20set/3days consult for over 30 sets


Product details

1. SsangYong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Tonneau Cover Product Details

 Ssangyong truck pickup hard tri-fold tonneau cover is suitable for ssangyong musso/ssangyong rexton sports and other models.Ssangyong rexton sports pickup trucks produced in 2002-2021 can be installed.YTPIONEER ssangyong pickup truck tri-fold bed cover adopts thick aluminum alloy.waterproof design.YTPIONEER brand tonneau cover, the company's product positioning is high-end,only to provide you with easy-to-install, high-quality, and reasonably-priced products.

Ssangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed Cover

Ssangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed Cover Product Parameters

Adapted models  Ssangyong Rexton Sports 
Thickened aluminum alloy
MOQ 10set
Support samples, order 1 set
Delivery date
3-15 days
payment method
Bank cards, credit cards, TT, digital RMB, Western Union
Support agent
waterproof level

Ssangyong rexton sports hard tri-fold bed cover adopts waterproof design. The waterproof rubber strips we use all use the standard of the car factory, and the normal use is 10 years. At present, our factory in China is supporting Great Wall Motor and Geely Automobile.

Ssangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed Cover

Ssangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed Cover

2. SsangYong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Tonneau Cover Selling Point

YTPIONEER brand Ssangyong rexton sports hard tri-fold tonneau cover, the company's pickup truck tri-fold cover product positioning is high-end, designed and developed a variety of functions, has its own 8 patents, designed more sales points for our distributors, and increased product sales profits. The core selling points of toyota truck pickup tacoma hard tri-fold cover products are shown in the picture below!

1. The Retractable Tonneau Cover is composed of independent aluminum alloy sheet, and it is connected by rubber bar that can not be seen from appearance. Our tonneau covers rubber bar adopts car factory level standard and it promises the products sealing performance under extreme cold or hot temperature environment.

2.For the Aluminum Alloy Sheet, we adopt costly water cooling technology, so our alluminum alloy sheet is much more strengthful than the less costly alluminum sheet processed by wind cooling technology, which is also can’t been seen from appearance.

3.Beside the remote controller, Our electric version tonneau cover can be controlled by independent APP(supports IOS and Andriod) or Wechat Mini program. As we know, we are only provider of this technology for this product till now.

4.For the above unique features and other prime quality and competitiveness that we haven’t listed, We are China’s biggest pickup manufacturer GREAT WALL’s offical tonneau cover supplier. 
Ssangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed CoverSsangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed Cover

3. SsangYong Rexton Sports Package And Transportation

Ssangyong rexton sports pickup truck tri-fold bed cover products are relatively long and the internal movement space of the product is relatively large, especially for long-distance transportation. Good product outer packaging and inner packaging are required. YTPIONNER brand tri-fold cover are designed with special and compression-resistant packaging to ensure the product’s quality. Transport safety. The packaging of the ssangyong rexton sports tri-fold bed cover product is as follows!

Ssangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed CoverSsangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed Cover

4. YTPIONEER Factory Introduction

Chengdu Yongtuo Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. The company mainly produces and sells pickup truck manual tonneau cover, electric tonneau cover, hard thri-fold cover, pickup truck roll bars, car rooftop tent, pickup truck bed racks, automobile Modified products such as electric side step. The company developed from Yongtuo Automobile Modification, which was first established in May 2011. For 10 years, we have been deeply involved in the field of car modification, providing customers with the most cost-effective products in the global market. The company's specific introduction information is as follows!

Ssangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed CoverSsangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed CoverSsangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed CoverSsangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed Cover

5. Pickup Accessories Agency And Policy

YTPIONEER brand Ssangyong tri-fold bed cover products are currently looking for distributors or agents all over the world. You can distribute or represent a series or a model, such as: manual tonneau cover, electric tonneau cover, tri-fold bed cover,ford ranger and other models. Welcome friends. Come for consultation and cooperation. Our company provides sample service, as long as you cooperate sincerely and are also a powerful distributor, we will provide you with free sample service. For details, please contact customer service staff!

Ssangyong Rexton Sports Tri-fold Bed Cover

6. FAQ

1.Are the hard tri-fold bed cover of the ssangyong rexton sports pickup universal? How to distinguish if it is dedicated?

A: SsangYong rexton sports truck pickup tri-fold tonneau cover are divided into sizes,Before placing an order, please tell us the size of the cargo box.

2.Can your products be installed in pickup trucks?

A:Our tri-fold cover is suitable for all models on the market, but the models are different in size and style. Just place an order and follow our instructions to take pictures and inform the size.

3.Can I be your product agent?

A:We make the decision based on your sales volume and marketing ability, and we welcome strong merchants to come to negotiate.

4.If we act as the agent of your factory's products, can your prices be discounted?

A:According to sales volume, we can have a certain amount of support for mutual benefit!

5. Are ssangyong truck pickup tonneau cover,ssangyong rexton sports manual tonneau cover,ssangyong rexton sports electric tonneau cover,ssangyong rexton sports hard tri-fold tonneau cover and pickup truck ssangyong rexton sports roll bar?
A: Yes, our company has stocks. At present, our company has increased the development of pickup accessories, including pickup racks, rooftop tents, and roof side tent shade.

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