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car side awning tent

Source: YTPIONEER Car side awning tent Sales Author: YTPIONEER SVisit: 2013

Car Model:car&suv

Working Temperature:-40~80

Waterproof Grade: IP68

Unit Price:

Quality Assurance: 2 Years

Package Size: 200mm*40mm*34mm

Product Weight: 25KG

Lead Time: 1-10sets/2days 10-20set/3days consult for over 30 sets


Product details

1. Car Side Awning Tent Product Description

A new generation of upgraded car side awning tents and upgraded aluminum alloy shells are more beautiful and atmospheric. It can be used with roof tents and roof luggage frames. It is suitable for most models and makes your travel more enjoyable.

A new generation of upgraded car side awning tent anti-ultraviolet tarpaulin can protect the skin of lovers and children while blocking rain and sunlight, making you a person responsible for the family. At present, it can be adapted to most models on the market: pickup trucks, SUVs, MPVs and other models. For more product knowledge about car side awning tent, please consult customers.
car side awning tent

2. Car Side Awning Tent Product Advantages

YTPIONEER brand car side awning tent, we use aluminum alloy shell, all-metal fittings, anti-ultraviolet coating fabric, leaking hole design, easy installation and other features. The car side awning tent is a must-have product for your family to travel. It shields the rain and the sun to make your travel life more comfortable and enjoyable.

car side awning tentcar side awning tentcar side awning tent

3. Car Side Awning Tent Product Application

The car side awning tent can be applied to mainstream models on the market. At present, racing or roadsters cannot be installed, and other cars can be installed. In particular, MPVs, SUVs and pickup trucks are currently the models with the most car side awning tents installed. The installation effect of the side awning tent of some models is as follows!

car side awning tentcar side awning tentcar side awning tent

4. YTPIONEER Company Introduction

Chengdu Yongtuo Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016. The company mainly produces and sells pickup truck manual tonneau cover, electric tonneau cover, hard thri-fold cover, pickup truck roll bars,car rooftop tent,car Side Awning Tent,pickup truck bed racks, automobile Modified products such as electric side step. The company developed from Yongtuo Automobile Modification, which was first established in May 2011. For 10 years, we have been deeply involved in the field of car modification, providing customers with the most cost-effective products in the global market. The company's specific introduction information is as follows!

car side awning tentcar side awning tentcar side awning tentcar side awning tentcar side awning tent

5. Product Distribution And Agency Policy

The car side awning tent is a subdivision product under the YTPIONEER brand. For 10 years, we have focused on the development and sales of pickup truck roller tonneau covers, pickup truck racks, pickup truck accessories, car electric side steps, car roof tents, and car side awning tent. Because of focus and so professionalism, in the last 5 years, we have continuously strengthened the development of technology and the improvement of products. It is already one of the best quality products on the market, regardless of the material, accessories and design of the product are leading in the market. We are developing and expanding the global market and look forward to your joining. We can further negotiate specific policies, thank you

car side awning tentcar side awning tent

6. FAQ

Many car owners ask a lot of questions when buying a car's side awning tent. For example, how about the material of the side awning tent of the car? How about the car side awning tent warranty? How to buy a car side awning tent? Is the car side awning tent safe to install? Now I am receiving one by one on the issues that customers care about most, and I hope it helpful.

1. Is your company professional in car side awnings tent?
Answer: Our company specializes in making pickup truck upgrades, such as car roof tents, car side awnings tent, manual bed tonneau covers, electric bed tonneau covers, hard tri-fold covers, and car electric side steps. We have been producing and selling car modification parts for 10 years, and all professional, so you can rest assured to place an order.

2. What about your company's car side awning warranty?
Answer: Our car awnings are guaranteed for 2 years. Our products are strictly tested, using thickened alloys and thickened accessories to ensure product quality.

3. How many payment methods are there to purchase car awning tents?
Answer: We can make credit card payment, TT payment, Western Union, digital RMB, and bank transfer. It is very convenient.

4. Can be an agent or distributor of your car side awning tents? If you are an agent or distributor of your car side awning tents, can the price be discounted?
Answer: Yes, we are looking for distributors or agents all over the world. If you originally represent our products, we are very welcome. We will provide you with advantageous prices and sales policy support.
For more questions about car side awning tents, please contact us. We are very happy to answer you. You can add our contact information to facilitate our communication.

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