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Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Information

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2020 Shanghai AutomechanikaShow News

Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Information

Congratulations to the Shanghai Automechanika exhibition as scheduled. 2020 is an extraordinary year. The COVID-19 has had a great impact on the world. This year's exhibition is destined to not have too many foreign customers and manufacturers. However, our company also felt a little bit of excitement after arriving at the scene, and some well-known brand factories participated in this exhibition.

Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Information

Among the companies participating in this exhibition are outstanding companies from Australia, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Israel and other countries. There are also many suppliers of auto parts and modification supplies in China, such as: YTPIONEER brand, NICK brand, TJM brand, LONGUE brand and so on.

Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Information

Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Information

The upgrade and modification projects of auto supplies at the Shanghai Automechanika Exhibition in 2020 include: car tonneau cover, car rooftop tent, car enclosures, car electric tailgates, pickup truck Manual tonneau covers, pickup truck electric tonneau covers, etc. There are also many brands Carried out technological innovation and improvement.

Automechanika Shanghai 2020 Information

Land Rover Defender Product Picture

YTPIONEER brand products launched a new and upgraded version of the car electric side step, pickup truck manual tonneau cover and electric tonneau cover at this year's Automechanika exhibition. Why is it a brand new upgrade? Because we have made new improvements to the car electric side step bracket, which perfectly solves the problem of car electric running boards. Such as the abnormal noise of the electric side step, the gap of the electric side step, the electric side step controller, the problem of the electric side step maintenance on the lift, and the new upgrade of the electric side step through performance. Car tonneau cover better improves the water seepage problem of pickup truck tonneau cover, and released a new patented product.

Land Rover Defender spare tire coverLand Rover Defender spare tire cover

For more product information, please consult us. YTPIONEER sincerely invites distributors all over the world. As long as you are interested in developing in the fields of automobile electric pedals and pickup truck roller shutter covers, we will give you the greatest support and grow with you.

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